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Premium Outdoor Dog Beds

Alpha Flo-Thru Pet Bed

  • Aerated indoor/outdoor pet bed that allows fluids to pass through the entire bed.
  • Makes cleaning and drying quick and easy - simply spray the surface down, add soap/cleaner as desired, rinse and shake the excess water out.
  • Porous structured design can act as a thermal barrier for pets, both indoors and out.
  • Take it with you hunting, camping, boating, in the back yard or out on the deck.
Alpha Flow-Thru Dog Beds
Dog Bed Cutaway View
Alpha Flo Thru Outdoor Dog Bed with Spaniel

Rhino Pet Bed

Fluid Resistant
Scratch Resistant
Chew Resistant

  • Tough dog beds designed for dogs that are tough on dog beds.
  • Built with heavy weight rip-stop material.
  • Durable and comfortable.
Rhino Round Pet Bed

Available in 3 sizes & your choice of round or rectangle

Rhino Outdoor Pet Bed Available in Small, Medium and Large Sizes
Alpha Flo-Thru Pet Bed Available in Small, Medium and Large Sizes


Rectangle 21 1/2" x 29 1/2"
Round 29 1/2" Diameter


Rectangle 25 1/2" x 33 1/2"
Round 32 1/2" Diameter


Rectangle 29 1/2" x 37 1/2"
Round 37 1/2" Diameter


Premium Dog Beds

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