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Alpha Flo-Thru Outdoor Dog Bed - Round Small

Item#: EDGE0004-S


The Alpha Flo-Thru Outdoor Dog Bed is a patent-pending, aerated, all weather dog bed that allows fluids to pass through the entire bed. This dog bed features a porous structured design that performs several duties. 
When it is wet, simply hold the Alpha Flo-Thru parallel to the ground (by the sides of the dog bed), and shake it out. This allows excess water to fall through the coated mesh screen cover material top and bottom. We like to throw it in the warm sun to let it dry out- usually only takes 20 minutes or so.
The Alpha Flo-Thru Outdoor Dog Bed is great for hanging out on the back deck with your little squirrel chaser. It is ideal for hunting trips, for use in the dog crates, in outdoor runs in boarding facilities, even on the pontoon. Just order the size and shape best suited to your tail wagging friend. This one is the small size and round measuring 29.5 inches in diamater by 3 inches high.
When it is dirty, just hose it off. You can use some Pinesol, bleach, or your favorite pet-friendly household cleaner (even dish soap). The give it a clean water rinse and shake it out.  We had a litter of Brittany pups that gave the Alpha Flo Thru a workout. Urine and all the other deposits that the pups inflicted on it were easily hosed off and rinsed away.
This durable outdoor dog bed also acts as an effective barrier to both temperature and water. The porous structured core material paired with the coated mesh screen allows air- not solid core material- between your dog and the ground.
Our Alpha Flu-Thru is great when you want to create some separation between your dog and a wet surface. It is ideal for your canoe or in your driftboat. Your furry kid will have a place to sit or lay and be able to be off of the wet floor. It is a perfect way for waterfowlers to get their hard working hunting buddies out of the cold water and mud.

  • Patent Pending All Weather Dog Bed
  • Allows Fluids to Pass Through the Entire Bed
  • An Effective Barrier to Both Temperature and Water
  • Durable and comfortable - 3" high by 29.5 inches in diameter

Color: Two Tone Grey
Dimensions: 29.5 inches round and 3" high

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