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Outdoor Dog Beds

Our patent-pending line of outdoor dog beds.  Easily cleaned and comfortable all season dog beds are designed to either lock fluids out or allow them to simply flo-thru.  Available in 3 sizes, round or rectangle.

Rhino Outdoor Dog Beds

Made for dogs that are tough on their beds. The Rhino dog bed is a chew resistant, scratch resistant, and fluid resistant dog bed made of heavy weight double-coated ballistic nylon.  

Alpha Flo-Thru Outdoor Dog Beds

Alpha Flo-Thru Outdoor Dog Bed. The Alpha Flo-Thru allows fluids to go completely through the dog bed. It can act as a thermal barrier.

Premium Dog Beds

Welcome to the Edge Outdoor Gear website where you can purchase our Rhino and Alpha Flo-Thru Dog Beds in multiple sizes and shapes.

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