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Rhino Outdoor Dog Bed - Rectangle Small

Item#: EDGE0001-S


We call our Rhino Dog Beds tough dog beds for dogs that are tough on dog beds. Our Rhino Outdoor Dog Beds are designed to be chew resistant, scratch resistant, and fluid resistant. The Rhino cover material is a heavy weight double-coated ballistic nylon.  Because of its durability and rip stop qualities, our Rhino material is used in some of the most demanding applications in the world. This is the perfect dog bed for that dog that you are waiting for him to “grow out of this stage”.
Our all-weather dog beds are durable- but they are comfortable too. The Rhino Small dog bed in a rectangle shape has a 4” polyester fiber core that provides ample support for your older dogs, your puppies, and everything in between. It measures 21.5 inches by 29.5 inches and 4" high.
The Rhino Outdoor Dog Bed is ideal for gun dogs, watch dogs, bird dogs, K-9 Officers, even those ferocious chihuahuas and teacups. 
Our outdoor dog beds aren’t just for dogs. We have been approached by folks who need beds for goats, pigs, cats- you name it. 
Our Rhino Dog Beds are chew resistant. Teeth are sharp objects. Beware of claims of dog beds that are indestructible or even chew proof. Make sure you read through warranty details carefully to see just how indestructible they claim to be.
Our Rhino Dog Beds are scratch resistant. The Rhino is ideal if your sidekick tries to scuff before the triple circle lay down or if she scratches at her bed for the whole drive out to the campground.
Our Rhino Outdoor Dog Beds are fluid resistant. Any dog bed that that is going to be used outside better be constructed to hold up to Mother Nature’s demands. Our Rhino Outdoor Dog Beds are TPU Coated. They are not made of vinyl (PVC). They will not crack. The TPU coating helps to lock out rain and other fluids. It allows them to be easily cleaned. Simply spray off or wipe off any dirt, mud, or other debris. Gentle household cleaners or even dish soap may be used followed by a clean water rinse.

  • Tough dog beds designed for small dogs that are tough on dog beds
  • Built with heavy weight rip-stop material
  • Durable and comfortable - 4" high and 21.5 inches by 29.5 inches

Color: Two Tone Grey
Dimensions: 21.5 inches by 29.5 inches and 4" high

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